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Auto Trader, Kijiji Cars, and DealerShowcase.ca new & used cars.  Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, to Halifax!

All are good websites to buy new & used cars.  Discover the DealerShowcase.ca difference!
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About DealerShowcase.ca

DealerShowcase.ca!  A brand new national automotive and recreational online vehicle shopping portal for new & used cars launched on March 22, 2010.  With no affiliations to print, television, radio, or any other companies, we are free to develop an online shopping portal like no other.

Our product is different and we think you will like it!

No flashing, blinking, obtrusive advertising of any type Our website is pure function...browse, search, and find...that's it.

Shop and Compare, Confirm and Conclude Shop and compare with our Find Car Dealers or third party vehicle presentations or new & used cars.  Confirm you have chosen the best vehicle at the best price by searching our Local Sales Promotions.  Conclude the dealership you have chosen is the right one by visiting our Dealer Profiles and their websites.

Shop for New or Pre-owned vehicles No lengthy forms or build sheets to complete in order to see the dealers' new & used vehicles.  DealerShowcase.ca provides direct links to the Dealers' New Vehicle Showrooms, including their new and used cars.

Local Dealers, Vehicles and Promotions Not just some of the local dealers, with some of their vehicles, some where, some of the time.  DealerShowcase.ca serves up all of the local car dealers, with all of their new & used vehicles, in all your local markets, all of the time, including the Local Sales Promotions.

A new website with new technologies You will notice something different as you navigate through our website.  DealerShowcase.ca employs the latest video, audio, and visual presentations and encourages the car dealers to do likewise.

Sell your vehicle for free! Take advantage of our free Sell My Ride vehicle listing service.  It is simple and easy to use.  However, when factoring in the tax savings, the convenience, and the dealer warranties, you can often be further ahead to negotiate with a reputable local car dealer.

Shop for Insurance and Loans Visit our Car Insurance and Car Loan directories for a complete listing of all the companies across Canada supplying these services.

Have fun viewing our Videos  DealerShowcase.ca provides videos on every page illustrating how easy it is to use our website.

Please support our website We take pride in showing no unsolicited advertisements while you are on DealerShowcase.ca.  Please tell your friends about us on your social networks so we may continue to contribute to good internet citizenship! 

We are developing what we believe to be the best automotive and recreational vehicle shopping portal for new & used cars in Canada.  We will strive to operate in a fair, transparent, and honest environment.  Please feel free to contact us or you may send us anonymous suggestions for improvement.  Thank you.

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