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Facebook Pages for Car Dealers


With over 600 million users, Facebook is the most popular non-search engine site in the world, second only to Google. Over 100 million users access Facebook using their mobile phones. Many users access Facebook daily and many of those people access it multiple times throughout the day. Facebook is growing so quickly that by the time you read this, the true numbers will be much larger than the numbers quoted here.

Facebook has undergone aggressive updates since its inception, one of the most prominent being the advent of the Facebook Fan page. A Fan page is an opportunity for car dealerships to create a ‘page’, actually a 'number of pages', on Facebook from which they can build a social network; a community of ‘fans’ who are interested in what they are offering. Join over 1 million Canadian businesses profiting from a Facebook Fan page. Integrate Twitter and Google Places with your Facebook Fan Page to stay connected to the dramatically growing Mobile Online Community!



Some dealerships already have a dealership Profile page ...Big Mistake! Fewer dealerships have a Fan page. And fewer dealerships have a good Fan page. If you are a dealership who is building your fan base on a Profile page, upon reaching a certain number of fans (currently 1000) Facebook has the right, and will take down your Profile page and all the fans, content, and work you have put into it. Further, maintaining a Profile page for anything other than an individual person is a violation of Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

However, a dealership Fan page can have an unlimited number of fans. Few dealerships are utilizing Facebook. Be the first to secure its potential in terms of branding, advertising, new lead generation, and the creation of a true social network in your community.


There are many tips on the internet that teach you how to build an attractive Fan page - one that will attain (and retain) a constantly increasing number of fans. One of the most important is to build an enticing ‘Welcome page’. A Welcome page is the first page consumers land on and see when they come across your dealership's Fan page. The 'Welcome' page must be designed in an enticing enough manor to induce them to "Like" or join your dealership's Fan page. Most dealership Fan pages fail miserably at this first and very crucial step. Most don't even have a 'Welcome' page!

The second step is creating an interesting and comprehensive dealership Fan page (actually Fan pages). Facebook offers an automotive Fan page category specifically designed to work for dealerships. Developers create applications for Facebook and compete for admins to use them. A good automotive Fan page admin will research the best available, and create customized dealership Fan pages where required. Unfortunately, most dealership Fan pages fail miserably here as well. Only knowledgeable automotive Fan page admins can build good dealership Fan pages.

The third and hopefully never ending phase, is providing up to date relevant and interesting content that is compelling enough to make the Fan stay a Fan. Therefore, retention is as important as the initial attraction, as users can leave a Fan page as quickly as they can join one. A Fan page cannot be created and then left to build and maintain itself. It needs attention to get the most out of it. It is important that a person at the dealership be assigned the responsibility of maintaining the Fan page. Updating the Fan page three times a week will suffice. Updating every day and done correctly will build your Fan base exponentially!

And finally, there are off page Fan Builder techniques which are unique to dealerships, some of which we can help you develop, and are limited only by the dealership's imagination and social networking capabilities.

The edge in social media is unique and compelling content. Anything you offer on your dealerships Fan page which is 'Liked' by any of your Fans is then shared with all their Friends, and potentially with Friends of their Friends, and so on. The average Friend on Facebook has 130 Friends. The multiplier (viral) effect is obvious. Properly created and managed, a Facebook Fan page provides a unique opportunity to communicate and promote your dealership to thousands of local consumers. Then integrate your Facebook Fan page with Twitter and Google Places to access the dramatically growing Mobile Market. It has never been so easy!


In order to get the best results, dealerships should just pay a good Facebook developer to have it made. It’s a small investment for a social marketing tool that can attain major results.

Create and interface Twitter and Google Place pages with your Facebook Fan Page to really connect with the Mobile Online Community!

It will still need someone at the dealership to get behind the idea and drive it home. By utilizing the content marketing services of a good Facebook developer, dealers are able to concentrate on the conversation and engage with individuals on their Facebook pages, Twitter, and Google Places. Learn your customers automotive needs and interests. Share other lifestyle interests too. After all, people buy cars from people, not companies.

Is social media a fad? Absolutely not! Begin creating your online community with a Facebook Fan page now!

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