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Car Dealer YouTube Video Marketing


The largest and fastest growing media format on the internet is video. The number of videos created, viewed, and published on the web each day is staggering. It is clear by consumer behavior that internet users would rather watch video than read print. If your dealership is not using video as a marketing media, you are missing out on one of the fastest growing and largest markets for your dealership.

At this point in time, YouTube is the biggest online video streaming website. Google owns YouTube and because of the consumer preference for videos, promote videos over and above websites during search results. Before consumers even visit the dealership, most will search online for the dealership's promotions, financing, services, and vehicle inventories.

People by cars from people. Create a human touch to your dealership. Introduce yourself, your staff, your promotions, your financing and services to the consumer before they even step foot onto your lot. Providing videos on your website, Facebook page, and in search results for today's consumers is no longer an option ...they expect it!


Create compelling videos- the consumer can exit watching your videos a quickly as they arrived. Create compelling soft sell content encouraging the consumer to interact and engage with your online presentations. Strategically place calls to action through welcoming and unique professional video production.

Create a YouTube channel with a custom background- just like any other medium, you want your YouTube channel to be branded to match your dealership. And what better way to do this than to create a custom background. Customize your background to reflect your dealership by implementing your company logo, brand, pictures of your dealership, staff, and services you offer.

Make sure your featured video is your best video- by default, YouTube uses your latest post as your "Featured” video. While this might be good for some dealerships who post often, a better choice might be selecting the video which best represents your dealership's overall strengths.

Organize your videos- setting up playlists are a great way to organize your videos. Creating playlists will not only assist you in managing your videos, but also help your customer or potential customer see the videos they are interested in watching. Sort your videos by dealership services, promotions, vehicles, and testimonials if you have them.

Make sure the thumbnails for your videos are attractive- thumbnails are what the viewer sees as a reflection of your video. If you didn’t specifically chose a thumbnail when you posted the video, you can still change them.

Add video and channel tags- just like you tag each of your videos, you want to make sure you tag your channel as a whole. This is the only way for search engines and consumers to find your videos. Be sure to use the proper keywords ...keywords consumers are searching when looking for dealerships and vehicles to buy. This exercise is extremely important and is commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) your videos and YouTube channel.

Pay attention to comments- by checking the "comments” area of your page on a regular basis, you can engage with your customers and see what they are saying about you. By taking the time to reply to comments, you will keep your page from looking neglected, while removing or responding to any negative comments.

Partnership status with YouTube- upon reaching partnership status with Youtube, develop more flexibility with your custom channel background, including links to your website, Facebook page, and inventory.


In order to get the best results, dealerships should just pay a good YouTube video developer. Money well spent on a social media marketing tool which is reaching huge audiences! Dealerships can shoot their own videos, hire a local production company or TV station, and / or employ a YouTube video developer.

No matter how you decide to produce your videos, a good YouTube video developer will SEO your videos and channel while ensuring effective video interfacing with other social medias and online dealership presentations.

Is video marketing in this world of social media an option?  Absolutely not!  Begin by creating your video marketing strategy now!

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