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Vehicle History Reports

DealerShowcase.ca has searched the web and presents the following information regarding vehicle history reports.

What is a vehicle history report?

It is exactly what the name implies, a report on the history of the vehicle.  Information gathered from numerous institutions, agencies, and sources, is matched to the VIN# of the vehicle.  Companies compiling this information, package it in various forms and offer it for sale, usually online, in the form of what is called a Vehicle History Report.

What companies sell vehicle history reports?

In alphabetical order...




Doing a search online by typing 'vehicle history reports' may produce more companies offering these services.

Additionally, the Canadian Police Information Centre allows you to search whether a particular vehicle has been stolen.

Is a vehicle history report a wise purchase?

A report on the history of a vehicle is a report on the information gathered for that particular vehicle.  If information is omitted, missed, or inaccurately represented by any of the institutions, agencies, or sources providing this information, then the report will omit, miss, or inaccurately represent the vehicle.  A disclaimer similar to this is usually supplied with each vehicle history report.

Buying from a reputable Automobile Dealer who knows the history of the vehicle, and having the vehicle checked over by a reputable mechanic you know and trust, are other ways of obtaining valuable information regarding the history of a vehicle.

A Vehicle History Report is simply another resource to assist in your buying decision. 

For more information, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council provides a Consumer's Guide to Vehicle History Reports.

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